#RedSox Game Summary (April 19) Unearned Loss

#RedSox Game Summary (April 19) Unearned loss. Rick Porcello took the loss in this game, though he gave up no earned runs. How could this be, you ask? Second inning: Troy Tulowitzki and Russel Martin reach on errors by Pablo Sandoval and Mitch Moreland. Then, Justin Smoak struck out with what should have been the third out. So, any other runs in this inning are unearned. Three singles later, it’s 3-0, Toronto. And that’s how it stayed, thanks to an outstanding effort by Blue Jays pitching, led by starter Francisco Liriano, though there is plenty of praise to spread around in the Toronto bullpen. The Jays basically had the Red Sox baffled throughout the game. The Sox managed just 6 hits during the game, none for extra bases, and were shut out. To his credit, Porcello kept the Toronto bats fairly silent after that, and Eduardo Rodriguez came in for a rare relief appearance to kept the Jays quiet in the 8th, but it was all for naught. Toronto beat Boston, 3-0, at the Rogers Centre. Record: 9-6. Game: 15/147.


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