#RedSox Game Summary (June 23) King David

#RedSox Game Summary (June 23) King David. Today’s game was preceded by a celebration of David Ortiz on the occasion of the retirement of his number, 34. And, the Sox continued the celebration with a clobbering of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Rick Porcello had a fine outing for 6 innings, with the only run coming after Albert Pujols doubled and scored after Andrelton Simmons singled and Sandy Leon could not handle Andrew Benintendi’s throw home. Because there were two outs and the score came on an error, it was not an earned run for Porcello. But in the 7th, things went very bad very fast for Rick. After a routine out, he gave up a double by Ben Revere, who scored on a triple by Martin Maldonado. Maldonado scored on a double by Cliff Pennington, and that was it for Porcello. On came Heath Hembree, who allowed a double by Kole Calhoun to score Pennington, for a 3 run inning. But fortunately, the Sox were pretty savage with the bat today, starting in the first inning, when after back-to-back walks allowed by Angels starter Alex Meyer, Xander Bogaerts drove in one with a double, and two more scored on successive wild pitches. In the 4th, Benintendi doubled and scored on a Hanley Ramirez 2 run dinger into the right field stands. In the 6th, after a walk, Sandy Leon contributed a 2 run jack of his own. In the 8th, just to make sure Craig Kimbrel got some rest, Sandy Leone hit a two run double after Mitch Moreland singled (to break his hitless streak), as did Jackie Bradley, Jr. LAA’s Yunel Escobar also doubled in the game. One annoying moment came in the 5th when Mitch Moreland hit a ground ball to 2nd, and as Xander Bogaerts slid into 2nd, he took out 2nd baseman Cliff Pennington, which prevented his throw to first. Both the X-Man and Moreland were called out under the slide interference rule, but that rule applies only when the slide is not “bona fide”, meaning he was not aiming for the bag. Well, not only was he aiming for it, he slid right into it. This application of the rule seems not only wrong, but leads to a view that a runner is not entitled to attempt to reach the base to which he is running, which is clearly wrong. I hope this will get additional MLB review. Boston beat Los Angeles at Anaheim, 9-4, at Fenway Park. Record: 41-32. Game 73/89.


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