#RedSox Game Summary (July 24) Got Nuthin’

#RedSox Game Summary (July 24) Got Nuthin’. The Red Sox were shut out tonight, and while that could be due to an excellent outing by Mariners’ starting pitcher James Paxton, it looked more like batters without confidence unable to connect. The Sox were unable to get a hit until Mookie Betts singled in the 6th. They had 4 hits in the game altogether, and failed to score. Eduardo Rodriguez showed flashes of his former brilliance, but struggled in the 2nd, when Kyle Seager hit a solo homer, and Ben Gamel tripled and scored on a fielder’s choice. With one on, Jean Segura doubled in Seattle’s third run. The Mariners got their 4th run when Gamel singled and scored on a double by Danny Valencia. This was not just an overpowering performance by Seattle pitching, but a weak series of plate appearances by the Sox. Maybe, in the spirit of Bull Durham, John Farrell needs to throw an armful of bats into the showers. If it were only so simple. Seattle beat Boston, 4-0, at Safeco Field. Record: 55-46. Game 101/61.


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